27 Malnourished Pitbulls Were Rescued Now Get A Second Chance At Life

A few years back, a home in Riverside, California, was raided after neighbors complained of a bad smell coming from next door. Inside the house, authorities found 27 starving and 12 dead pit bulls. The owner was not there as he was serving a jail sentence for a drug trafficking charge. He was Dixon, who was on animal control officers’ radar after speaking publicly at a Riverside County Board of Supervisors meeting in 2013 against an ordinance to regulate the reproduction of pit bulls. Video footage of the meeting showed Dixon saying elected officials should consider the breeders who conduct themselves in a “responsible way.” He then posted another video titled “PitBull Dancing”, at there a pit bull was hung from a rope by its jaws.

The Pitiful Story 3 Years Ago

On July 19th, 2016, a Riverside, California resident contacted authorities regarding a foul odor of decay coming from a neighbor’s home. What the officers found inside was akin to a horror movie according to John Welsh, senior public information specialist with the Riverside County Department of Animal Services (RCDAS). Riverside County authorities say 11 dead animals and 27 others were discovered Wednesday at a filthy, junk-strewn rented property in the unincorporated La Sierra area.

Inside the House Of Horrors and Nightmares of Pitbulls

Malnourished pit bulls, most if not all with their rib cages visible, were found in “very bad” conditions. Some of the dogs were so malnourished they could not walk on their own out of the home. All the dogs were taken to the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus in San Jacinto.

27 surviving dogs were removed from the home – some so weak they had to be carried – and transported to the RCDAS to receive emergency care. The Pitties range in age from 8 months to 10 years

Animal Services spokesman John Welsh says the dogs were inside an enclosed patio area, a kennel area and a home with the doors shut. He says they may have been there for days or weeks. Welsh says the dead animals apparently died from exposure or starvation, and the live ones were just skin and bones. “We’re talking a scene from ‘Silence of the Lambs”, said Riverside County Animal Services’ John Welsh. “It was the smell of death.”

Carl Dixon is currently being held without bail at Men’s Central Jail in L.A. on charges of drug trafficking. His sentence began in May, and it appears he simply left the dogs in the home without anyone to care for them. When Dixon was contacted, he refused to comment and directed all inquiries to his lawyer.

Marvelous Recovery

Despite their physical health, the dogs still bear the emotional scars of life without socialization or security. Welsh is confident that with continued affection and care, each of these sweet survivors will make wonderful pets. Thanks to Wags and Walks, they are already being showered with all the love they deserve.

“We are now actively seeking rescue group organizations to assist us with re-homing the 26 pit bulls from the recent animal cruelty case out of the Lake Mathews area. Today the founder of Los Angeles-based Wags and Walks visited and assessed the dogs in our protective custody area at the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus.

Wags and Walks, an L.A. based non-profit rescue organization, took in a total of 10 of the Pit Bulls and started them on the long and bumpy path to recovery. They have begun to show the results of what healthy diets, veterinary care, and lots of love can do. The dogs are almost unrecognizable as the pitiful creatures they were just weeks ago.

Wags and Walks, an L.A. based non-profit rescue organization

Wags and Walks, we’re pleased to announced, gobbled up five of the now-much-healthier dogs. As some of you may recall, these dogs were seized by our officers in horrible conditions. They were severely emaciated and forced to live in a cluttered, filthy ranch-style home. Thank you wags and walks!” – Riverside County Animal Services.

27 Dogs Get A Second Chance At Life

The 27 pitbull surviving, before being rescued, some were timid and wary of the rescuers, but others rushed forward, desperate for human contact. It’s so sad that some of these dogs had to die before something could be done, but we’re so thankful for the fact that the others were able to be pulled from this nightmare scenario although dogs still bear the emotional scars of life.

Many of the dogs have already had some success in putting on weight and improving their health, and hopefully the rest will follow. They would get happy before eventually going on to find their forever homes.

Pitbulls at the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus

The dogs are most likely to thrive with families who understand the special needs of abused dogs to help these gentle souls heal.


Foul odors can be any number of things. They can get animals that get inside your garage or attic and die. They can be animals on the side of the road, backed up sewage, or just trash that’s been sitting out too long. Foul odors are everywhere all the time, but sometimes they’re so bad you have to call the local authorities to see what it might be because it’s just not right.  Some people do inconceivable things to innocent animals. For some reason, there are people on this Earth who don’t think that there’s anything wrong with starving, beating, or killing a defenseless animal.

We believes that every dog deserves a chance, and that miracles can and do happen!

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