bobby was rescued by chris kelly in coolronan dog rescue

A Five-Week-Old Pug In Plastic Bag Finds His Forever Home

Bobby, a five-week-old pug who was abandoned in a plastic carrier bag in a bush in Flower Hill, County Meath, Ireland was rescued and found his sweet home.

Chris Kelly, who runs the shelter at Coolronan comes to rescue Bobby after a passer-by heard him whining in a bush in Flower Hill, County Meath. When Bobby has become known, more than 600 people asked if they could adopt him and give him a home.

Chris fell in love with the tiny pup after he was brought into the shelter and – after helping save his life. “He is a great little puppy. He had to be wormed and he had a leg injury, but he is overcoming really well. I’m rescuing dogs 13 years and I never have been attached like this. Now he becomes attached to me and follows me everywhere. He is always very excited to see me”, Chris said.

bobby in coolronan dog rescue

Chris has devoted a large portion of his life to helping dogs, so Bobby will definitely be in safe with him. Chris and his partner Ramona Cunningham have been running the rescue center for 13 years, in which time they’ve rescued about 150 dogs.

He shared: “People have no idea what is going on in this country with animals. Sanctuaries all across the country are overrun with unwanted dogs. Bobby is one of the thousands.

“Here we have no laws that protect animals properly in this country. Microchipping is not being enforced and paperwork with dogs is just a disaster. It’s either not accurate or truthful.

“Microchipping and neutering need to happen at an early age. There are too many dogs in Ireland.

lucky bobby safe in coolroan dog rescue

“It is disgusting what is going on in this country and no one is policing it. Pet owners who abuse or dump their dogs should face prison or huge fines. It is totally unacceptable.

“I have dogs that go to Sweden to be re-homed because we can’t cater for all the unwanted dogs in this country.”

“If this whole was properly policed or you really had tough laws to protect vulnerable animals, you wouldn’t have this level of cruelty”.

The reaction to Bobby’s story had cheered him up massively after becoming ‘sickened’ by the amount of animal cruelty and neglect he’s seen in Ireland.

Finally, it can be said Bobby is really a lucky puppy.

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