Firefighters Rescue Pit Bull Who Was Abused, Thrown In A Swamp, and Attacked by Alligators

In New Orleans, a female Pit Bull is now on the road to recovery after being abused, and thrown off an interstate and left for dead. They named the poor thing Ally Gator, because not only was she thrown off a swamp, she was also bitten by an alligator. Ally Gator was rescued by a volunteer firefighter named Eddie Simpson.

Ally was then brought to St. Charles Animal Shelter. They found that Ally had bitemarks–they were alligator bites. They believed that the bite marks were from a gator who grabbed her by the neck.

firefighters rescue pitbull

And she is now recovering from her injuries. When it has been determined that she is completely recovered, she will be adopted to a loving family. An investigation into the circumstances surrounding her abuse is underway. Louisiana authorities are looking for anyone with any information as to who might have thrown this dog over the edge of a bridge and into gator infested waters likely knowing that the dog didn’t stand much of a chance at living through that kind of situation. Whoever did this deserves whatever punishment is coming their way when they are caught.

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