How To Train A Pitbull Puppy To Stop Biting

How To Train A Pitbull Puppy To Stop Biting

Have you ever been bitten by your Pitbull puppy and you are looking for some ways to improve it? The key you find this is here, you can use to training your Pitbull puppy and make your relationship closer with your puppy. But how way train your puppy? Let’s do these simple way:

Understand biting behavior in puppies have reasons to answer why your puppy bitting you?

Because when he is in the process of maturity but they have strong jaws it can make you are wooded. However also there reasons start such as their spirit: fear,frustation or their living enviroment.

So you must to support and encouragement they or find your vet, they can help to advocate you with favorable solutions

Take them the teething toys

·  Should spend  a part of your time or their toy is a reward for the puppy.

·  By distracting his attention, you are allowing him to forget biting. If your puppy bites at your feet, then give him the toy. Give him the ‘chew bone’ to bite. Please notice that puppy can bite if they are stroked, patted, and scratched

·  You also can distract them by feeding small treats. If you don’t have the toy at that time, freeze and wait for your puppy to stop biting. Then, get him the toy as a reward

Use another taste deterrent to prevent your puppy from biting

Before starting to play with your puppy, spray taste deterrent on your body and clothes. If your puppy bites you, he will react to the different taste.

·  Continue to appreciate him and play with him when he stops biting you.

·  Clean your hands and clothes.

·  You can use bitter apple, Vicks vapor rub, and white vinegar as taste deterrents to make their taste unpleasant.

Play and go walking with them

·  Avoid playing roughly with your puppy.

·  Take you puppy out for frequent walks and play sessions.

·  Encourage him to run in the park and play.

Use water spray bottle if they dont hear what you say.

·  If your puppy bites consistently, then keep the water spray bottle near you. Discourage his behavior by saying “no” and spraying water on his face.

·  Don’t harm or threaten your little pup. Don’t make it a habit for him to behave strangely when he sees a spray bottle in your hand.

·  After your puppy has settled down, you can bath them with the best puppy shampoo

Train your puppy and teach their behavioral issues

You don’t train your puppy, you can lead him to severe behavioral issues. Your puppy may start biting you and become more aggressive and may also get out of control. You must follow certain measures to avoid his misbehavior.

Control and master them from the day one

·  Pitbull is extremely dominant, so show him that you are the boss.

·  It will curb his behavior of biting and aggression.

·  Handle him gently but have control over him.

·  Feed him on the set schedule.


Allow him to play with other dogs

·  Make sure that those dogs are vaccinated and safely.

·  It will make him more sociable and friendly. Moreover, he also can learn some new skills from other dogs.

·  If you have any cat, you can teach them to play safe. In fact, the habits of cats and dogs are quite different. You need to train them for living together.

·  The food for cats and dogs are absolutely different so you can not your puppy and cat eat the same food Dogs can synthesize taurine in their bodies, so do not add taurine into dog foods.

General precautions

·  Don’t behave rudely to him or slap on his face.

·  Encourage him from playing. Playing builds a strong bond between him and your family.

·  Don’t jerk your hands or feet from your puppy.

·  Don’t hit and punish your puppy. It can make him afraid or aggressive

Consultation from a vet

If he is not improving after all these precautions, take the advice of a qualified professional. He will help you to train your dog.

Treat your puppy as your kid. You need to break the habit of your puppy. Follow all these steps to imbibe the positive habits in your dog. Develop a cordial relationship between you and him. Try to learn why he is biting and then train him accordingly. With your efforts, he will improve



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