This Is Why Pitbull Is Not A Dangerous Breed

This Is Why Pitbull Is Not A Dangerous Breed

The controversy surrounding pit bulls has been argued for decades. In the eyes of the public to the point that most people view them as dangerous animals. For them, fear of the dog stems from lack of information and stigma based on the dog’s origins.

Rescued Blind Pit Bull Who Has A Heartbreaking Histor

The blind Pit Bull has a heartbreaking history. In a backyard in New Mexico, three Pit Bulls suffered from horrible abuse from a family that was supposed to take care of them. They spent their lives chained outside until one day the family poisoned them.

Pitbull Puppies: All You Need To Know Before Having Them!

It’s great to have pitbull puppies to play and have fun with. But owning a pit bull requires more knowledge than you may think. Check them all out here.

Friends To The Forlorn Pitbull Rescue – A 10-Year Journey

Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue is the biggest breed-specific pitbull pet center in Atlanta, established by Jason M. Flatt out of pure love and compassion. Today, we set to explore the reason inspiring Jason to adopt thousands of pitbull dogs for years.

Pit Bull German Shepherd Mix: Your Family Pet

Don’t let news or talk of the dog’s aggressiveness scare you from getting a Shepherd Pitbull mix. With the right dog, you will find a loving, loyal and playful pet for you and your family. The German Shepherd Pitbull mix is one of the favorite dog breeds pets for families.


Blind Pit Bull Abandoned By His Owner, Was Found In A Junkyard

12-year-old Duncan after being abandoned by his owner, this sweet pup — completely blind in addition to suffering from dehydration, periodontal disease, corneal ulcers, two mass cell tumors and a skin infection — was found after wandering into a junkyard one day.

Firefighters Rescue Pit Bull Who Was Abused, Thrown In A Swamp, and Attacked by Alligators

In New Orleans, a female Pit Bull is now on the road to recovery after being abused, and thrown off an interstate and left for dead. They named the poor thing Ally Gator, because not only was she thrown off a swamp, she was also bitten by an alligator.

27 Malnourished Pitbulls Were Rescued Now Get A Second Chance At Life

A few years back, a home in Riverside, California, was raided after neighbors complained of a bad smell coming from next door. Inside the house, authorities found 27 starving and 12 dead pit bulls. The owner was not there as he was serving a jail sentence for a drug trafficking charge.

A Pitbull Is Rescued: Do We Fight To End Dogfighting?

Not long ago, dogs rescued out of fighting situations were euthanized, by default. It was thought they were too dangerous and too damaged to live safely and happily out in the world. However, there are many different opinions about what to do with the dogs.

Choose A Cool And Unique Name For Your Pit Bull

If you don’t want to give your Pitbull a traditionally male or female name, then thousands more options will instantly open themselves up for you. Because good Pitbull names come in so many forms.