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Pit Bull Dog Information For Pits Lovers

Pit bulls are very popular nowadays. They’re powerful and intimidating breed and can be just that when provoked. They have very large necks and a massive chest. If this dog were a human, it would be one that spent much of his time in the gym working on his chest muscles. Another noticeable thing is their cropped ears.  However, their cropped ears are not natural; most breeders and owners do this as a way of making the dog appear more dangerous and intimidating.

Pit bulls also make best-hunting dogs which also called catch dogs or grab dogs. They are now being used by special army forces and police for drugs and weapons recovery as well as fire and rescue dogs helping find trapped and lost people. They indeed are the strongest looking dogs in existence.

pit bull dog breed


These are dogs that have been around a long time. Pit bulls were originally bred as farm dogs that were expected to work cattle and hogs. Despite the fact that this is a breed that’s been around for many centuries, it’s believed that the pit bull of today is the most original of the bulldogs in history. There are centuries-old carvings that show these dogs look the most similar to the dogs that existed at that time, which had led many professionals to believe that through breeding, the general population has created the original bulldog all over again.

pit bull dog origin

Pit bulls are generally kind, sweet, and very loving dogs. However, because of their brute strength and look, many people have trained these dogs as fighters, which have caused them to obtain a very negative reputation. As dog fighting is continuously being cracked down upon, the pit bull is being used less for this purpose and more for the purpose of having a family pet. Hopefully, this will encourage people to stop looking at the pit bulls as dangerous dogs and start looking at them as friends.

Pit Bull Mixes

  • Alaskan Pit Bull
  • Beagle Bull
  • Bullypit
  • DoxiePit
  • German Sheppit
  • Great Danebull
  • Greybull
  • Labrabull
  • Piston
  • Pit Bullmastiff
  • Pitador Retriever
  • Pitchow
  • Pithuahua
  • Pitoxer
  • Pitweiler
  • Pugbull Terrier
  • Sharpull Terrier

Pit bull Size

pit bull dog size

Pit bulls are not very large dogs, but they are bit dogs. They are short and stocky, and they are very intimidating at first sight. The average height of an adult pit bull is anywhere from 14 to 24 inches depending on breeding and gender. The average weight of an adult pit bull is anywhere from 22 to 78 pounds. It’s a big difference, of course, but it depends highly on the dog’s breeding, genetics and his eating habits. The more active the dog, the trimmer the dog will be in terms of weight. The most important thing to understand about this powerful and agile dog is that bigger does not always mean better. The fastest, strongest pit bulls are the ones whose weight is proportionate to its height – like most living creatures.

Pit bull Temperament

The temperament of a pit bull is very loyal. They are very intelligent, eager to please and very open to affection. They’re often silly dogs that love to play, which is simply not something many people know about pit bulls. Pits are intelligent, very easy to train and they are very protective. Adopt or buy a pit bull and he will become your instant bodyguard. They are absolutely not hesitant to protect a family member that is in trouble and often are the first ones to attach when danger is present. Many pit bulls around the country have been credited for saving the lives of children and adults when they are in the presence of venomous snakes and other predators. They are very friendly dogs, but they are very intelligent when it comes to spotting danger, even managing to tell the difference between strangers who mean harm and those who mean well.

pit bull dog temperament

As far as other pets are concerned, pit bulls really should be raised from birth with them to become familiar with and happy with them. It’s often a dangerous situation to bring a grown pit bull into a home that has other pets. They love children, but are not fond of pets they are not familiar with. It can lead to fighting, aggressive behavior and even worse; injury. As far as children are concerned, pit bulls have a very high pain tolerance. What this means is that they will allow the children in your family to climb on them, love them and play with them in a way that is probably scarier to you than it is to the dog. They aren’t bothered by it. In fact, they often love the children so much that they aren’t bothered by the constant tugging, pulling and pain. However, it’s important that you understand that dogs raised in an aggressive environment will not feel the same way. This is something to consider when adopting a pit bull that was raised elsewhere. They might not be as tolerant of kids, and then you could face some dangerous and scary situations at home.

Health Issues

pit bull dog health issues

Pit bulls are very healthy dogs. Unless they are diagnosed with some sort of health issue that strikes at random, it’s not common to have a pit bull with health problems. However, they are prone to a few health issues such as hip dysplasia, allergies to grass, cataracts (these are hereditary, so it’s a question you will want to pose to any breeders from which you obtain a pit bull and congenital heart disease.


Pit bulls need to exercise. It is recommended that a dog of this breed is taken for at least one long walk every day. Otherwise, they should be taken to the park or the backyard to be given an opportunity to run around and enjoy the weather, the outdoors and the benefits of exercise.

Living Conditions

pit bull dog living conditions

Pit bulls prefer to live where it’s warm, but they don’t need to be outside on a regular basis. Most pits will be just fine as inside dogs and will even thrive in a small setting. However, they should be taken out regularly for bathroom breaks and to help them get some exercise. They can become overweight if they are not properly exercised, though they are not hesitant to be very active even when inside the house on a regular basis.

Life Expectancy

Pit bulls are dogs that live approximately 12 years. This number changes based on many factors, including overall health and the way in which a pit is taken care of. Well taken care of dogs will live longer than those who are living on the streets or even in a shelter where they are not loved as they are in a private home.

Litter Size

pit bull dog litter size

Each litter of pit bull puppies yields an average of 5 to 10 puppies. Sometimes a litter might have less and sometimes more, but generally the number is around 5 to 10.


The good news about pit bulls is that they are very easy to groom. These dogs have very short hair, which makes them easy to brush and easy to keep clean. If you take the time to regularly brush a pit bull with a firm bristle brush and bathe the dog once a week or so, you will find that he is in good shape. It doesn’t shed much, but it does shed.

Caring For Pit Bull Puppies

pit bull dog caring puppies

Start training your puppy early. You should begin reading up on training your pit bull before you get him. This way, you can immediately train and socialize your puppy once you bring him home. If you get your puppy from a good breeder, the breeder might have started socializing your pit bull. This way, your puppy is already exposed to new situations, sounds, people, and animals.

    1. Teach your puppy a few basic commands (like “come,” “sit,” “stay”). This way, when you notice your puppy engaging in bad behavior, you can immediately redirect his attention. For example, if you notice your puppy running up and jumping on someone, you can quickly command him to “come.” He should stop jumping up on the person and come to you instead
    1. Teach your puppy to stop biting. Many puppies will mouth or nip when playing. They need to learn bite inhibition, especially when playing so they know it’s never okay to bite. There are several ways you can teach bite inhibition. But, often just saying “ouch” firmly and then stopping puppy play signals to your puppy that biting is not acceptable.
    1. Use positive reinforcement. When you’re training, never get mad at your pit bull. Animals don’t understand punishment and will instead learn to fear you. Puppies will make mistakes when learning new things, so be patient. You should always look for a reason to praise your puppy, even if only for small steps or achievements
    1. Let your puppy know you’re in control. You may want to make your puppy repeat certain actions or commands, especially if he didn’t obey. This signals to your pit bull that he didn’t do something correctly and needs to keep trying until he succeeds. Let him rest once he gets close to completing the command. Give your pit bull plenty of chances to follow your commands.

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