Pitbull Puppies: All You Need To Know Before Having Them!

Are you falling in love with the pitbull puppies you met at your friend’s house and cannot wait to get one?

Well! That’s normal for a pitbull to be the apple in your eyes.

american pitbull puppies

The dogs, which are quite friendly, are also famous for big smiles and silly reactions that bring endless laughter. 

Owning a pitbull promises lots of joy and excitement.

But is it all about giving the dogs food and love? Find out everything you should know before having a pitbull in your house.

General Introduction about Pitbull Puppies

Welcome you to the basic Pitbull class. Learning about this fascinating breed will never tire you. Even when you already have one pibble at home, it’s worth spending time reading more about the dog.

For your concern, Pitbull is not a recognized breed by American Kennel Club. 

Pitbull is just a common name given to the type of dog that represents similar characteristics. If you have looked at an American Staffordshire terrier, you may realize there are traits found on a pitbull like the wide, flathead and a stiff body form. Typical dogs in the Pitbull group include:

  • American Terrier
  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • American Bulldog
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Now! Let’s get to know about Pitbull puppies from A to Z.

History of Pitbulls

Pitbull first appeared on Earth as the best fighting dog. But they were not born to be aggressive towards people.

In the past, people knew pit bulls for their loving and gentle disposition. Their bravery and loyalty made them the face of America during World War 1 and 2. After that, families brought these dogs home and trusted them with their children. It was that duty that helped Pitbulls earned their nicknames as nanny dogs.

It wasn’t until the late 1980s when a newspaper released a publication titled “Beware of this dog” with a picture of a Pitbull terrier baring his teeth. That article ignited hatred and fear for the breed for decades.

During that time, pit bulls became public enemy number besides image enhancers of gang members. Worse, media outlets continued to give negative coverage to the breed every chance they got.

Are pit bulls good family dogs?

It took great effort for the community to bring this breed back from the bias created by the public.

Any mean against the root of irresponsible owners that made the breed the enemy, not the victim, didn’t watch the footage from the aftermath.


Pitbulls are compelling and energetic. They are eager to please their owners just to hear their praise. Raising a pitbull, you have a friend for life with the ultimate loyalty and protection from thick and thin.

These dogs adore children as much as we do. They have all the will to thrive as part of the family. With a great human-oriented instinct, pit bulls are just the right dogs for any family.

However, pit bulls are not the best guard dogs as they are not very territorial and have no herding background.

They may have some aggressive tendencies toward other dogs. But when sharing the same house, pit bulls get along quite well with other pets.

How much do pitbull puppies cost?

We don’t support the idea of buying a dog of all breeds because this encourages the illegal breeding market.

So, if you are so desperate for a pitbull puppy, the first thing is to run a search for all local shelters and check with them if there is any pitty pup in need of a home. 

After all the attempt, you can think about buying a pup from a certified breeder.

Prices for pit bulls vary regarding their shapes, condition, and even gender.

In particular, dogs with papers that list the pedigree are likely to be more expensive. And the reason is probably because it comes from a good line of champion dogs.

Female Pitbulls always come at higher prices. Physical attributes also contribute to the value of a dog. The breeder may charge you for “blue nose” or “red nose.”

But at what price should you pay?

While it only costs a hundred buck or two to adopt a pit bull from a shelter, breeders may charge you from at least $800. Remember! Anything that goes under this number is 100% scam. Don’t listen to their excuses.

Are pitbull puppies easy to train?

There is no train without pain. But a pibble pup is surely easier to train than a matured one. This intelligent breed takes obedience training with great enthusiasm.

training a pitbull

Do not mind the violent history of pitbull as during that time, the breed was trained to be fight. It doesn’t mean the dogs are inherently violent by nature.

On the bright side, pitbulls are highly trainable athletic dogs, making them top candidates in dog classes.

American Pitbull Terrier is an intelligent breed. They respond quite well to positive training methods taking place in both home or public classes. Starting training at their young age eases the process as they are less stubborn and able to learn fast.

However, pit bulls are eager to cope with the face of adversity. That trait makes them tenacious, fearless, and stubborn dogs. So, training pitty puppies can be a challenge for amateurs.

Do pitbull puppies change color?

Pitty puppies happen to change their color through time. As the little pooches grow, they shed and replace the coat with a fresher one.

This may facilitate small changes in fur color and patterns, giving your bullies a slightly new color when they become adults.

Take Care of Your Pitbull Puppy Properly

Pitbulls are strong athletic dogs. They need special nutritional diets that are high in protein but low in grain right from their childhood. Every meal should have meat as a major ingredient.

They also need regular grooming. But as pitties are generally low-maintenance dogs, keeping them well-groomed is not at all a headache.

So, what else are the particular care you should give your pitbull puppy?

Food and nutrition

From day one, your pibble should get his meals with plenty of proteins and carbohydrates to grow strong and properly. Quality food for pitty pups should include high-quality proteins from real meat.

It is also vital to avoid grain in the dog food because the ingredient can be the source of allergy. The best thing you can do is to get food classified as Hypoallergenic or grain-free to protect the bullies from any of their acute allergies.

Here are a few suggestions of dry food for puppies:

Many pitbull parents ask if they can share their food with the dog.

In practice, there is a list of human foods that can bring nutritional value to pitties. But since dogs have a relatively different digestive system from us, we should only give them moderate servings. And the food should follow this list:

what dogs cant and can eat

How to feed a pit bull puppy?

Little pooches need a different level of protein and fat. Excessive pounds of nutrition can lead to skeletal abnormalities. Dog food with a ratio of 34 to 40% high-quality protein and 14-to-17% fat from healthy sources is most suitable. Calcium also supports the proper growth of the bone frame. A portion of 1.1 to 1.5% calcium should suffice the demand.

For puppies younger than 12 weeks, you can feed them 4 to 6 times a day. Each meal should cover a quarter to a half cup. As they grow, reduce the feeding frequency but increase the amount in the cup.

If the little woofy pitty asks for more, don’t slide into it; he can wait till the next feeding time. 


Grooming is a part that keeps your pitbull pup in great condition besides a healthy diet.

Although the coating of a pitbull is short and lies flat against the body, the dogs still require regular brushing to remove dead hair and flaky skin cells.

Using the right shampoo and conditioner is essential. Check out these products:

You can consider applying dermatologic products to boost the hair and skin, making it shiny and healthy.

In term of skin issues, scruffy coat, scabs, or hot spots, you definitely need help from a specialist. So, always keep a vet contact to consult when your pup need treatments for the irritation.


To keep a pitbull physically fit and mentally healthy, you need to take the dog to walk or exercise every day.

Pibbles have the tenacity and bravery that make them potential competitors in the sports challenges and obedience competitions.

The best way to activate a pitbull is to give them exercises that make them run, jump, catch and track.

How long does it take for a pitbull to grow?

After 18 months, you will get a grown pitbull that can weigh from 30 to 50 pounds. At this time, these dogs require more quality food to grow their bones and muscles. Also, you should get the pitty to exercise adequately as well as socializing them.

It takes up to 2 years for a pitbull to achieve his full size. A large pit bull can weigh 80 pounds and stand up 21 inches high. American Staffordshire terriers are smaller than their American pitbull brothers.

In more detail, a male pit bull can reach about 18 to 21 inches in height while that number is just a unit smaller in female dogs.

In weight, pitties are heavy dogs. A male dog can range from 35 to 60 pounds while a female one is lighter at 13 to 22 pounds.

If your dog grows oversize, it can be a problem that involves obesity. That’s why you should keep track of the dog’s diet and health condition.


Pitbulls are dogs with all the positive attributes that deserve to have a forever home despite their barbaric reputation in the past.

Raising a pitbull means a long-term commitment. You need to put time, effort, and patience for these guys to get accustomed to what you want.

Hope you’ve got enough information to make your decision.

So, are you ready to have a little pibble to spend the life with?

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