Police Officers Comforted And Rescued Two Injured Pit Bulls

Pit bulls are in a precarious situation thanks to misconceptions about the breed. Because people think they’re inherently violent, they’re often passed over in shelters, abandoned, and euthanized.

A passerby captured a touching scene as Florida police officers comforted and rescued two injured pit bulls who appeared to be abandoned. The dogs were found frightened in the middle of the street in the Orlando area when the Orange County sheriff’s deputies came to their aid.

rescued two injured pitbull

When the two sheriff’s deputies Boggs and Reed arrived, they immediately took to them as if they just knew instinctively that they were there to help them, not to hurt them. Deputy Boggs and Deputy Reed bonded with them, cuddling with them and even kissing one on the head.

The poor dogs went to the local animal shelter where they cared for them. The caring folks at Orange County Animal Services are grateful that those officers saved these two amazing dogs who are nothing but sweet and loving to the staff there. They are currently recovering from the ordeal and will be available soon for adoption.

comforted and rescued two injured pitbull

There has been so much in the news the past year or so that paints our men and women in blue as monsters who are just waiting to shoot someone. And, yet they continue to go to work every day defending the public and doing beautiful selfless deeds like making two dogs feel loved while they wait for their ride to the animal shelter.

This story has a happy ending thanks to those two wonderful deputies. The shelter has named dogs Justice and Liberty. We hope they find their forever home and live happily ever after.

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