Severely Neglected Blind Pitbull Finally Given A Second Chance Of Life

A Brooklyn-based animal rescue organization, AMA Animal Rescue is a non-profit animal rescue that consists of a group of young women who find loving, forever homes for stray and shelter animals. One of the animals they rescued is a severely neglected Pit Bull whom they named Norman. Norman was not just neglected, he was also abused. He had skin infections all over his body, and he was extremely malnourished. The 10-year-old dog experienced a hard to stand in the foot but he could wag his tail still. His wish to live was so strong it brought tears to his rescuer’s eye.

blind pitbull finally given a second chance of life 1

His body told a tale of eternity neglect. It’s hard to comprehend what would cause someone to abuse and neglect an animal for a full decade, but that’s what happened to Norman, a pit bull who, when he was found in a park, chained to a wall, was barely holding on to life.

When AMA Animal Rescue found him, he could barely stand up, was severely malnourished, and had huge patches of fur missing. Despite all of that, he was able to show happiness when the rescuers appeared, wagging his tail as he devoured a meal. After named him Norman, they took him to a veterinary clinic for medical treatment. Even though being examined his tail wagged and wagged. It’s as though and deaf dog understood he was finally in good hands.

blind pitbull finally given a second chance of life 2

Norman was covered with infected skin and starving to the point that you could see the bones under his skin, these were two that were causing him a great deal of pain. He was also diagnosed as being deaf and blind, and he also suffers from arthritis. The women at the rescue made the decision to help this dog in any way that they could, so they cleaned him up, helped nurse him to health and they took care of him. After being nursed back to his health, he spent some time in therapy, and then in a foster home.

blind pitbull finally given a second chance of life 3

But ultimately, Norman found love with an adoptive mother, Trish, who is making up for all the care he didn’t get for the first decade of his life. Now Norman has the kind of life that all dogs should have. Trish loves him endlessly, and he has some happiness that he can be proud of and really enjoy in his life. He’s a dog with so much to offer and so much to give, and we are so happy for him. Through efficient operations, adequate awareness, and public support, AMA continues to create loving futures and erase painful pasts.

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