Top 10 Best Training Tips For Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are on of the most popular dogs in the world. The popularity is partly based on how beautiful the dogs are. The animals are loyal, gentle, very intelligent, very energetic, and friendly. You can train a Golden Retriever successfully yourself. Many dog owners leave the majority of training to professionals but there are still numerous training lessons that are specific to each home. Here are some great tips for new and experienced Golden Retriever owners.

10. Free Time

free time training tips for golden

Dogs like to explore. They seldom get lost because their nose knows where to find home. It is important to give your Golden Retriever some time on their own to learn things the natural way. Free time makes a happier and more trainable dog even if the dog is only sniffing about in the back yard.

9. Potty Training

potty training tips for golden

Teaching a dog where the bathroom is can be the most important training lesson. Do not expect perfection. When accidents occur, take the dog to the door or designated toilet and say “here”. Punishment can be leaving the dog outside because Golden Retrievers are very social. Avoid leaving dogs out in bad weather. Some Golden Retrievers have been taught to use the “human” toilet and even flush it. This is a training feat but it can be done because the dogs are so smart.

8. Leashes

leashes training tips for golden

Try to get your dog as calm and collected as possible the first time that you put on a leash. The restraint is unnatural to an animal that expects to be free all of the time. Remove the leash if you encounter extreme resistance. Once the dog is accustomed to the leash you have to show the dog that you are in control. If the dog pulls and strains at the leash then, stop. The dog will learn that pulling results in stopping.

7. Crates


A dog house, a cage, or a traveling crate are intimidating to a dog because it is enclosed and is not a natural dog environment. You will have to move your Retriever at some time and a cage or crate may be needed. Leave the house, cage, or crate open.

Put the dog near the house or cage. The natural curiosity of the Golden Retriever will lead the dog to a first inspection. When the Retriever is used to the enclosure you can shut them in for a brief period. The dog will get used to being shut in as long as it knows that it will get out eventually.

6. Make Introductions To Family & Friends

make introductions to family friends

The best way to prevent Golden Retriever bites from happening is to make introductions. Dogs know people by smell. Introduce the Retriever to all family members the day that you get the dog. This helps with becoming a part of the family and lets the dog know it is with friends. Introduce the dog to neighbors and their pets. Introductions to other animals will help prevent animal territory disputes.

5. Make Grooming Fun

make grooming fun

Golden Retrievers are hairy in some places. They tend to shed. Grooming is a necessity to keep the home clean and the dog healthy. Get the dog interested in the grooming brush. You need a brush that can hold up to a few gnaws. Brush the dog. Brushing feels good to the dog. Your dog will get in a routine about grooming. Do not be surprised if the dog brings you the brush when it is grooming time.

4. Teach Your Golden Retriever That you are the Boss

tech your golden retriever that you are the boss


In dog society, the leader is called the alpha dog. You are the alpha dog. The natural bonding need and the desire to please help establish you as the boss but your behaviors are more important. You get more obedience with kindness than anything else. The dog is an animal and it has some basic instincts that you will never change. You need to use the instincts for training instead of trying to change the impossible.

3. Start With Simple Commands

start with simple commands

Sit, stay, lie down, and come are the most important dog commands. These simple commands control the dog and make your life easier. The easiest way to get your Golden Retriever to learn these simple commands is to demonstrate them.

Grasp the dog gently and move the animal into a sitting position. Say the word “Sit” when the dog is in the correct position. Getting a dog to come to you is often complicated because people use whistling and a variety of words for the same command. The dog gets confused. Use one word. Pick the dog up and take it to where you want it to be while you say “Here” one time.

2. Train Yourself First

train yourself first

You need to do two things before you get a dog. You must collect all of the dog equipment like feeding bowls, water bowls, leashes, and toys. The idea is to make the animal’s new home as friendly and comfortable as possible.

Training you may be more difficult. You must develop patience. You have to learn that yelling at a dog or striking the dog will not produce better training results. Decide on a discipline method that teaches rather than tortures. Food treats are good positive reinforcement tools.

1. Start Them Young

start them young

You need to start training your Golden Retriever as a puppy. Start training between eight and 12 weeks of age. The dog should be weaned by this age and should be eating solid food.

There are two reasons to start young. Dogs bond to people in the same way as they do to other dogs that are a part of their pack or family. Starting training early gets the dog to bond to you and makes the dog more obedient. Early training also prevents any behavioral problems that may occur when the dog reaches puberty. Some aggression may occur when dogs reach puberty especially in males. Early training can prevent bad interactions between your dog and children.

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